Got a lot going on? Not sure where to turn? 

Perhaps you have taken on some big challenges lately? You are growing tired of the mounting expectations. You are wondering if it is worth all of the stress. It has taken a toll on your confidence and your relationships are starting to suffer. Perhaps it has been a while since you have felt like your old self? All you would like is to have your peace back.

These are not uncommon feeings and it shows that you are actually a deep soul. It is time to stop feeling like you are all alone is this. You do not have to figure this out all by yourself. It is time to get you to a better place.

Let's get you feeling better!

As men we were never taught how to have our emotions work for us. The only emotion we were taught to express was anger. And what I have seen as a man, husband, father, therapist, even grandfather is this does such a disservice to men. We have really missed the boat on this. There is so much richness in life that comes in understanding, communicating, and being able to enjoy your emotional life.

If you can endeavor to journey down this road there can be some amazing experiences and peace that come from understanding yourself in a new way......a way that doesn't leave you living life in a grind.

If you are wanting.............

  • More peace
  • More freedom
  • More choices
  • More purpose
  • More authenticity

.............don't hesitate to give me a call to see if this is a good fit for you. It doesn't have to stay this way. There is hope!

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Hi. I am Jon Dodds. For the past 20 years I have been counselor, pastor, and fellow traveler on this journey. I know it can be a lonely road and I don't want you to go it alone. I would like to help. Why wait any longer? Let's get started now!

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